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Back to Biking training,

For the rider going Back to Biking after a long break. The training can be conducted on smaller machines to start with, Giving the rider confidence before moving on to the more advanced techniques. These Back to Biking courses are tailored to the individual requirements of the customer and therefore a phone call to discuss your specific level of riding and your objectives is highly recommended.



Would just like to say a huge thank you to Tony for his excellent, professional tuition during my 3hr back-to-biking lesson on Good Friday. Having not ridden a bike for some 25yrs I was quite nervous, but excited. Tony started with the basics followed by some pointers (and a cup of coffee) before we set-out on the road. A very rewarding experience, Tony’s approach was first-class which put me at ease and allowed me to retrieve some of my old skills. At the end of the ...session I felt confident enough to get back onto the road with my newly acquired bike, unfortunately I didn’t allow for the UK’s Bank Holiday weather; apparently it will be sunny next weekend, I hope so I want to get out on my new bike, I feel confident enough to ride solo again. Thanks Tony, would 100% recommend Phoenix services to all new and old bikers, very professional, very thorough and person centred tuition delivery, excellent service.

Steve Morgan.

Sam EbsworthHi,
Just thought I'd drop you a line to say many thanks for the back to biking
course I did this morning with Dave. Having not ridden for a number of years
it was an ideal way to get back in the seat and get my confidence up again.

Going through from the basics in the training area to the more advanced
stuff on the open road the course was pitched at a perfect level and gave me
valuable practice with the comfort of an experienced rider in my ear.

This course is a must for anyone who wants to get back on a bike!

Many thanks again.
Mr Sam Ebsworth

Dear Tony,

I have to say many thanks for what was a perfect day getting back on a bike.

Having not been on a bike for over 20 years I asked about a whole training day, you very confidently said , You'll only need 3 hours with me & you'll be good to go!

And how that confidence was passed onto me!. I was riding around with a new, very safety conscious outlook after your intuitive training.

Even though I've been driving a car for 25 years, I never knew about the vanishing point !

Tony it was great to meet you and I'm sure I'll be back for more.

Best wishes

Mat Cook

After 47 years of being a biker and riding all over the UK- Kent and Cornwall, Portsmouth and Perth, Chichester and Cheshire, I started having problems when cornering, or negotiating roundabouts- taking them in first gear & slipping the clutch a lot... not good.

I put this down to being on a Triumph Speedmaster twin, after years of riding Japanese 4’s, with the different geometry of a cruiser compared to a sports bike (albeit I fitted them all with high ‘Cruiser’ bars immediately I got them home), but still... not good, no excuse.

I had heard about Phoenix and seen them downtown a lot, so had a look at their website.

One ‘Customer Comment’ made an impact on me, something like “Tony said to me, ‘give me three hours, and I will...’ “.

Having been an Instructor myself for about 10 years in the old RAC / ACU scheme, then the BMF, and Star Rider briefly, I liked the confidence of that statement.

People- especially bikers- don’t say things like that if they can’t deliver; reputations are won & lost like that... Lesson booked.

In seconds Tony had told me what I was doing wrong, within 20 minutes I was ‘doing as I was told’, but freely admit I was still nervous that I was going to come off if I leant over any further. After half an hour more of patient, steady coaxing I was cornering like I always did on the CB750 Honda I had for 21 years from 1985, and the 1100 Kawasaki Zephyr for several more years after that.

Over the next few days a bit of practice on local roads, then the following week a ride out with Tony following me round some corners & roundabouts I’d had problems with, and was told ”not bad at all, big improvement, but how do you feel?” (Nice professional touch, that).

“Nicely confident”, I said.

“Good. Just remember- look ahead, not down. So what do you want to do now?”.

I was under no pressure to ‘enrol’ for another several hours- again very professional- but I know if I feel that further tuition would help, it would be there for me.

I can’t recommend Tony & his team highly enough- as above I gave him the “three hours”, he gave me back something I’d forgotten I had- a riding technique that I’d lost over the years... it was in there somewhere and he found it !


Richard L. Hallin, IAM, Instructor 1976-1985.


Thanks again,

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