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An advanced riding course,delivered by professonal Instructors who will take your riding skill to the next level.


The Blue Riband Advanced Rider Award uses Motorcycle Roadcraft as its reference and is the same system of motorcycle control used by all Police Forces and other emergency services. It provides a recognised approach to riding, which puts you in the right place on the road, at the right time, at the correct speed and in the right gear, to deal with all hazards, and used correctly will make you a smoother, more confident and safer rider.

The Blue Riband Advanced Rider Award is supported by the Police BikeSafe initiative and the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB),  who both acknowledge the quality of the course and support it as an advanced riding qualification for those seeking to volunteer as a Blood Biker.

“The Blue Riband course certainly highlighted my riding strengths and weaknesses, it really did hit home just how complacent I’d become through regular riding. I honestly feel like a different rider using skills I’d long forgotten or didn’t have at all!” – Dave


The great thing about the Blue Riband Advanced Rider Award is that you can decide when you train.

You can complete your training over a period of consecutive days, or spread your training over a period of time, which you can easily arrange with your course Instructor. Either way, the course content is the same.

The first day will commence with a short period of theory and discussion about the various techniques you will practice, followed by on the road training. Each day is broken down into sections with stops along the way for roadside debriefs and discussions. You will be advised by your instructor when you have reached the required standard, and then be given the opportunity to take the Blue Riband assessment.

The assessment (conducted by an independent instructor) will take about an hour, at the end of which you will receive your result, along with a verbal debrief.

A written report on your performance will be sent on to you via the BMF, who will send your certificate (valid for three years) and your 1 years BMF Membership pack.

Many insurance companies will allow a discount for this award, so please mention it when you renew your policy.


“It was a valuable course to be part of and took place within a professional, friendly and encouraging environment. The training helped me to develop my riding skills – this involved acquiring new advanced techniques and improving others. I would fully recommend this to any rider looking to enhance their ability. Ride Safe” – Emma

Pre-Course requirements
To get the best from your course, we recommend you purchase a copy of Motorcycle Roadcraft and spend some time studying it prior to your course. The course can be quite intensive; however, you won’t be pushed beyond your means. Motorcycle wise, we advise that you and your machine must be capable of coping with both the speed and distances involved, motorcycles should be able to maintain progress in the national speed limit both on A roads and motorways and be able to overtake quickly when required. You should be familiar with your machine as some of the techniques may be new to you. Ideally you should have held a full motorcycle licence for at least 6 months and have an appropriate level of experience.

The Blue Riband Advanced Rider Award is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to get the best out of your biking experience making you a safer, smoother and more confident rider. Your professional instructor is just a phone call or email away. Whether it is to start your advanced riding journey or to review and consolidate your existing skills, get in touch today!


Course summary

  • Riders are given a suggested reading list (i.e Current Highway Code and Roadcraft for better preparation of course).
  • An Instructor will call you to discuss the course in detail.
  • Pre-course knowledge checker papers to help prepare you mentally for the course.
  • Start opening day with discussion of answers as part of the theory session.
  • Move onward to ridden sections.
  • There will be adequate stops allowing for feedback and discussions throughout the road ride.
  • Day ends with a final debriefing.
  • If required standards are constantly being met, the assessment session is arranged.

On completing the course.

  • You will receive a written assessment, containing advice on the subject areas of forward planning, positioning on bends, following, overtaking, hazard awareness and judgement, observations, use of The System, use of speed and any other comments.
  • All ‘Blue Riband Advanced Rider Award’ Instructors/Assessors are trained to the highest level, having been trained and ratified by the BMF Blue Riband National Lead or the BMF Regional Chief Instructor Team.
  • All our professional Instructors use comms, which enhances your training, reduces the need for as many roadside debriefs, and will optimise your training experience
  • On passing the assessment you will receive a certificate, badge and membership to the BMF for 12 months.

Course costs are subject to a rider’s individual requirements and how they wish to structure their training. As such, please contact us, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and supply you with a quote.

If you believe your riding is already at the required standard, you can apply to the assessment only, the cost of which is £80.00.


Customer comments

Alan PaiceJames Hodges said

" The Blue Riband Advanced course is highly recommended, I would advise anyone who wants to improve their riding to do this course".


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