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I am writing to not only praise Mark's training but as a word of warning to anyone who thinks they can just jump on a bike and ride away on it after a lay off of over 30 years. 

Being very much the wrong side of 50 and having far too much time on my hands, I decided it would be fun to get back in the saddle. So Mark and I thought it would be just a 3 hour refresher and off I would go. Oh boy, how wrong we were! 

When I passed my test in the 70's it was a case of riding round the block one way and then the other, answer a few highway code questions and pick up your full licence. You then threw your L-plates away and learnt as you went along. It's a bit different now!  

It was evident from the start that I was going to be a 'challenging' pupil. After a very wobbly and disheartening first session I thought it was probably not such a good idea but I'd give it one more go. Mark did some 'outside the box' thinking and our next session was so much better. He even allowed me onto the road! Mark's patience and attitude now made me realise I could do it.

I had one more road session on the Suzuki attempting to follow Mark's calm instructions. I then found myself the owner of a very beautiful Triumph Bonneville. Our last trip was him instructing me on that. It was the most fun I've had with my clothes on in a very long time! 

Once again I can't thank Mark enough for his perseverance, patience and motivation (and Carli's organisational skills!).

Many, many thanks. Although it is now Winter time the cover will be off the bike as often as possible!


Kind regards

Andy Shaw

Another two MOD 2 passes for Phoenix West Sussex. Well Done!

hi Mark, I would like to leave a testimonial I can, to go on your web site .

well here we go Phil is a top class instructor , very well informed and I learnt so much on my CBT what a great FULL day I had nothing was a problem at all, he showed me loads of stuff I never even dreamed of, let me add if you want a full course, with 100% proper training, this is the place to go , nothing done by half, I now want to take my full test with Phil as he is so great I trust him 100% set me at ease 100% this is the best place to get trained, Phil was great, well I cant speak enough of him , apart from I would give him a job any day what a star , if you want to call me feel free, also the lady on the phone Carly was great, cant wait to see you all again Mike

Mike Southampton

I had never ridden a moped before and was very nervous at the prospect! I chose Marks training School, as when I called them they were very helpful on the phone, explained in detail what I needed to bring and what was involved. I thoroughly enjoyed the day with Mark, (there were times along the way, I felt out of my depth), but Mark was understanding of my nerves and worked with me to help me gain confidence. I passed my CBT, I was thrilled!! !! 6 months later, I still loved riding my Yamaha .......... , but decided I wanted to take my bike test. Again they talked me through everything I needed to know. My 1st lesson on a geared 125cc, didn't go too great, but I preserved, (so did Mark). 5 lessons later and riding a 600cc, I passed my Mod 1 and Mod 2! !! 1st time. A BIG, BIG thank you to Mark and the team for all your help and hard work. The best thing I done was call you guys in the 1st place!!!

Tanya, Portsmouth April '13

I called several bike schools in my area, 2 were big, quiet well known schools. They were only interested in my bank card. I was then given Marks number by a friend, and what a difference. They actually listened to what I had to say and answered all my questions, without 'beating around the bush' and trying to sell me more lessons than I wanted to start with. They delivered exactly what they said they would do. It was fun, the instructors were great, I was given a lesson layout, so I knew exactly when my lessons/tests would be, and what we would be coving each time. A big thank you to Mark and Phil,

I highly recommend Mark and his team for all your bike training.
Claire, Southampton, March '13


I did all of my training with Mark, who is very realistic and down to earth. Mark is firm but fair and shows great understanding toward new riders and his training methods certainly worked for me. Whenever I had an issue, something I could not quite get right, he always had an answer straight away to help me get learn various techniques properly. This is something else which I really liked about This ATB. It's not just a ticket to an easy bike licence, it's proper training, with correct procedures and riding technique.


All of my lessons were slotted in around my awkward shift work, and Mark was very helpful and flexible to try and fit me in when best suited me, which was really good for me, as once I had started after my CBT I wanted to get it done ASAP, and with their help we managed to squeeze my lessons in whenever I could get a free day. I passed my CBT, MOD1 and MOD2 first time with just a few minor faults on both MOD1 and MOD2, I'm sure without Marks training I wouldn't have found it so easy.


All in all i was very very satisfied with my training, a week after passing and 500 miles under my belt, I'm always thinking back to advice Mark gave me, and as i'm finding my own confidence and riding style it's making my real life learning curve very progressive and satisfying!  


Garry Brown, Hythe


Hi Carli and Mark,
Thank you very much, I am so pleased I went with you for my Test training. I feel so much safer riding now and a heck of a lot more confident. I've been singing your praises to anyone who will listen, and it was such a great feeling taking the L-Plates off my Scooter on Tuesday morning :)
I'll write a glowing testimonial for your website as soon as I get a spare moment.
Thanks again for everything.


Thanks for all your help in passing my tests, excellent tuition and great fun.

Paul, Waterlooville, April '13


sorry ive not mailed earlier, but i would just like to say a bigthanks to you and mark for your great service.I really enjoyed the training with mark (not too sure about the tests though)i loved riding the Yamaha (dont think the wife will let me have onethough) a well looked after and maintained machine.if anyone asks me where to go for tests or training i will definitelysend them your way.once again thanks

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