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Motorcycle training at all levels tailored to the individual rider.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team. I was a student who had never been on a motorbike before. So my first experience was at the ‘Get on’ free ride where I had David show me the very basic skills. There are some people who take to motorbikes like a duck to water however I wasn’t one of them. Everyone is different and for me I realized I wasn’t a duck…lol…

I dropped the 125cc and broke off the end part of the brake handle, David was very patient with me and I got to take home the broken part as a souvenir. Did falling off the bike put me off? No! I signed up for the DAS course. I did the CBT with Steve who was also very patient and always encouraging me. Then I had Sarah for my training on the 600cc for the Mod 1. Wow that lady has serious patience!! I dropped the 600cc and fractured one of my metatarsals in my right foot but at the time I thought it was just badly bruised so it wasn’t until a week later I had it x-rayed and found out what I had done. Well that knocked my confidence to zero. So Sarah took me back to basics. Back to the 125cc, then up to the 500cc and then she somehow talked me back on to the 600cc beast, even after I dropped it a few more times. She said: “You are staying on it now, no going back!” There is no messing with Sarah, she means business!!Well let’s just say I was beginning to have a phobia which was the dreaded Slalom and figure of eight. Sarah was using all her resource to try and make it click for me including getting any ideas from her fellow work colleagues. (I must have been the topic of the day for the next few months.) That’s professionalism for you!! They really want every student to pass regardless of how long it takes. Then I had Sam for a lesson and what he taught me just clicked! I was doing the Slalom and figure of eight on the 600cc. Yes it still needed work as sometimes I would get it then at other times I wouldn’t. So I had more lessons with Sam to iron out the rough parts of my riding. Trust me there was a lot…lol.. Sam was always very encouraging and extremely patient.

In the end I passed my Mod 1 and Mod 2 second time round.

I am saving up for my motorbike.

I would recommend the ‘Phoenix Motorcycle Training’ in Croydon Team to anyone who really wants to learn to ride safely. Their Professionalism and patience is second to none. Plus the team that work in the office, Ruth, Leah and Mark are always on hand whether it is an e-mail or a phone call, they try their best to book you in and work around your work commitments. They spaced out the DAS course for me as it took me longer to grasp the manoeuvres. First class business!!

I came across this and thought I would share it with you all:

If you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it.

If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.

If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with them and start learning today!!

Thanks again 'Phoenix' team for making it happen!!


Hi Mark,

I would like to thank you for such a great and professional training I have been given for my mod 1. Special thanks to Sam who gave me some great advice on the day of the training and you Mark just before the test. I cannot wait to book my mod 2 training and test because I know, that with your help and my effort I will pass mod 2 with no problems at all.

Best Regards,

Gerry Simpson said

"Very many thanks for getting me through my DAS this week.

As a ‘born again biker’ I totally underestimated what a lay off of over thirty years would make to my former keen handling skills!

With you and your staff’s training (and endless patience) by the time the test itself came I felt reassured and confident, and because of this, the test went like a dream.


I hadn't even sat on a bike before I did my CBT a few weeks ago and now I have passed the full direct access course with no resits! Thanks to everyone at New Addington"

Peter Horobin

Fantastic CBT experience at the Croydon branch - friendly, patient instructors with me being a bit nervous. By the end of the day I was so confident, and passed.

Going back to do my full test there, brilliant guys and girls :)



Hi Mark
A big thank you to Robin for the slow riding course on my ST1300 what a difference , improved my ride and enjoying the bike even more now.
Kind Regards Mike.


My wife and I took part in your cbt course on Sunday. I just wanted to drop you an email thanking you for a superbly run course. Both Ruth and I really enjoyed the day. We were both a little nervous, especially Ruth as she had never ridden a motorcycle. Both Carol and Robin were excellent tutors and we're extremely patient and helpful. We both intend to take our full uk license tests, and will definitely come back to Phoenix.

Cheers Steven

Dear Mark/Carol

Thank you so much for helping me do my CBT. I found the course was excellent, and very helpful. I was also pleased to have such a lovely instructor, (Carol). I had a lovely day, now I can ride to work everyday and save money on petrol from not  using the car. So the CBT will pay for self.

Best wishes

Stella Hamilton

Hi Mark,

A big thank you to you, Wynn, Carol and Sarah for all your help in passing my test.

I went out Sunday and bought a new Yamaha XJ600 Diversion from P and H !  It was good to go there and speak with them as they advised that the amount of miles / commuting I would do, it would be better going for a semi-faired bike. Especially as I had 2 years no claims on the scooter like you said!  Couldn't disagree and the Diversion looked the nicest of the E6 and Galdius.

Gets picked up on Thursday so can't wait.

Lee Stevens
Just a note to how much I enjoyed my CBT on Saturday. Darren was very though and conscientious. Having previously completed a CBT about three years ago this was a completely different experience, more enjoyable and I felt much happier and confident by the end of the day!
I would now like to book Mod 1&2 to complete the direct access.
Many thanks


"Massive thank you to Phoenix, Sarah for getting me through my mod 1 and Robin for getting me through my mod 2! Triumph speed four in the pipeline and cannot wait!!"

Sam Jones


Many thanks for getting me through Mod 2, I appreciate your patience with me particularly as I had not been on a bike for 28 years. Your constant encouragement and enthusiasm got me through. I can still hear your voice in my head as I commute into London ,start building those riding plans and keep looking at 1 st floor window level are indelibly inscribed on my brain. The brand new Honda CBF 600s you use for training are great bikes, I liked it so much I bought a second-hand one and I am loving it.

Best wishes for the future


Hello Mark & all,

I wanted to say again a massive thank you to all of the team at Croydon Phoenix training.


I was quite nervous about certain parts of my riding when I began training. But thanks to all of your patience and professionalism, and for explaining the riding techniques so thoroughly, I have been able to improve my riding 100%!

Thanks especially to Sam, for helping me to gain the confidence to get through the avoidance part of the mod 01 test that I was so dreading.. You didn’t mind going over the same thing again and again until I was ready- not complaining -even during the ridiculously early ride over to Erith for my test!

Robin and Mark, you taught me how to not ‘ride like a learner’ and I believe I am much safer for it. My commute into central London each day seems a lot smoother now. I will be forever grateful to you all.

HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY! No more ‘L’ plates!!!!! …… there’s just one more dilemma left….. which Bike to ‘upgrade’ to???!!

Best Wishes & Luck for the future, Tessa

Hi Mark,
Just few words to thank you and Sam for your incredible teaching . I thought i knew it all...but you showed me how better and safer i could ride a bike.
Mark, I could not have found a more patience and sensitive teacher...
I wish you guys all the best, Michele



As I am not on Facebook and do not use Twitter, an email to say thank you to you and your team (especially Sam) for your help and support over the past 6 weeks. With calm professionalism you took me through my paces, and I am a very happy A2 licence holder.

I wonder how long the 54km "record" on the Cygnus through the speed trap on the hazard avoidance test on Module 1 will stand.

I shall contact you again later in the year to undertake some tuition re twilight and night riding.

I will have no hesitation in recommending the Phoenix team at Croydon.

Once again, many thanks.



ust to say. Wish you had a feedback, part to this site e-mail.

I had a great day, exsperiance. Instructors were very patient & focused. If I had failed this time. I would have come back. Not sure if I'm your oldest virgin biker ( 52 ). But it was a great day. As a car driver already, It made me be more aware of bikers. When I am in my lorry or car. I would like to say. A Great thank you for the day. And I hope to see you all again in the future. If for another CBT test or a direct access course. I can only hope I do you all proud. Thanks again, I will pass this on to other people.

Passed CBT 19/06/11...... next CBT 19/05/13 or pass direct access. Who knows.

Thanks again


Hi Mark,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for all your help.

I have managed to realise a dream in the past few weeks and you have helped me do it.

Thanks mate, I will be in touch about the next stage.


A huge thank you to Mark and Sam for all the knowledge they passed to me today. Obtaining CBT was a fun experience. Mark and Sam were very professional and informative. I've learned a lot and I will feel much safer on the road now. Thanks to their good sense of humour they kept the atmosphere stress free. I'll definitely be back in future for more training and I strongly recommend Phoenix Motorcycle Training in Croydon to anyone who wants to get on the bike safely .

Just wanted to say thanks very much for getting me through my test and rescuing my training after all the stress with that other school.I was very impressed with you guys, and I wish I'd come to you first.I went out for the first time on my new ER-6 last weekend and absolutely loved it and I'm looking forward to a summer on the bike!I would heartily recommend Phoenix to anyone and I hope to be back for the Enhanced Rider Scheme. Matt

Hi Mark,
I just thought I'd let you know how much my son really enjoyed the CBT training at Wolsey Junior School yesterday.He seemed to learn an awfullot and the 2 hours "on the road" experience will no doubt prove invaluable.
Kind regards
Joy Mitha

"I've just passed my Mod 1 and Mod 2, both first time thanks to the guys at Phoenix. Both Mark and Richard are highly qualified and take training very seriously. They are disciplined in their approach, but lighthearted and good fun.I highly recommend them, especially if you have a test to take at Croydon!"

Dear Mark

I just wanted to say thank you for the Get On experience on Saturday.I thought Wynne was a great instructor & very patient and calm!I am definitely considering coming back once the weather has warmed up a little bit.

Kind regards


Duncan Scholes said

'I PASSED!!Many many thanks for being so helpful and getting me through the process.The Phoenix operation is one I will recommend at any available opportunity and I hope to see you very soon as Simon and myself would like to come with Tony green laning'.


Duncan Scholes

Hi Mark

I've passed the test with phoenix three weeks ago. Just want to say many thanks for the whole training and advice from You and Dick.

I hope to see you in spring to do the advance training. Once again many Thanks


A CBT Student said

A good site providing a classroom, adequate off-road training area and access to some great roads nearby for a mixture of urban, residential and country riding. Out in the country in the sunshine on two wheels is awesome!!


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